How To Sharpen Up Your Child’s Memory

How To Sharpen Up Your Child's Memory

Does your child perform outstandingly in life? Does he have an attentive mind? A very nice statement I wanna quote here is, “A healthy body, a healthy mind, and a sharp memory make a perfect combination.”

You always find ways how to sharpen up your child’s memory.

The best time for learning is the childhood period. Learn with a sharp memory is very easier. Children having strong memories are good at capturing things around them and good at their studies.

Do you ever observe, attentive mind children can easily remember the things which they watch or listen to?

There are many tools, tricks, and strategies people used to boost up their children’s memory.  These tricks are different for adults and young ones. The parents have to pick the right tool to enhance their child’s memory. Here I’m discussing some methods you should follow to sharpen up your kid’s memories.

There are many ways to boost your child’s memory, but I’m going to discuss a few ones. The following are very acceptable and useful strategies for how to sharpen up your child’s memory.

Stress-free learning

According to a neurologist Dr. Judy Willis, stress causes the brain to stop performing its proper functioning.

During stress, the brain receives information that enters the active brain.

This information does not enter the active brain for further processing, where long term memory is made. Fear of anything ruins the whole life of a child. Parents are advised to teach their children without any stress and strictness.

Stressful studies harm your kid’s brain and, ultimately, their memories. The best thing that can be done is that you have to indulge your child in learning in some exciting and funny way. Such activities make kids more active, and they happily want to learn.

Memory boosters

Making memories with your children is not a tough task, as many parents think so. Parents should find some spare time to spend with their kids to listen to the things that they do in the entire day.

Play hide- and- seek

Hide- and- seek is a favorite game of kids. They often play it at home or in school with their friends and siblings. But here hide- and- seek sounds different. Take some favorite items of your child and hide it in a room. Ask your kid to find out that thing.

This activity made your child’s memory more strong, and that item will be stuck in her mind for a longer time.

Play games

Memory skills are very flexible, like muscles that grow when used. Provide a lot of memories to your child by arranging different games. It will help the child to remember things without any difficulty. A series of games are supposed to play like playing cards are the best to remember numbers to your preschoolers.

Improve reading skills

The way of reading books and learning should be different and exciting. Children often forget the things they have learned in the past. Learn your child is reading books in a funny way and with examples from the real world. While reading, make a story and present it to your child.

In this way, they remembered the lesson for the long term. Make habits of your preschooler to speak aloud the lesson you deliver. It is said that children learn more by performing and listening than reading.

Visual learning is one of the more effective ways to sharpen children’s memories. For example, if you are teaching your child about animals, birds, fruits, vegetables, and colors, then you must show all these things to your child. In this way, they will pick things quickly and will remember during the entire lifetime.

Recall past events

Meanwhile, make it a habit to ask your child about past events. Listen to stories from them about a picnic party or a trip. Children also love this if someone asks them about their memories collection. Recall events, again and again, help memories too strong and lasts ever.

Make comparisons

Here is again some interesting strategy to remember, do make connections to different things. The mind needs associations. Comparisons make learning easier. Grasp your child’s interest with various reminders. Compare color with the colors in the rainbow. In this way, the kid will take more interest in learning and remembering. It’s a kind of memory-booster. We all know that the brain is a special organ of our body. It is a pattern-seeking organ as well. The prior stored information is connected with the new knowledge for long term storage.


Imaginations leave long-lasting effects on our minds. Tell your child to imagine the story of the lesson which she had learned or read. By closing eyes, imagine the scene and speak loudly in your wording and describe it.

Play cards

It is the best thing to boost the memories of childhood. Play cards games are also a fun game that makes positive and robust connections between the child and the parents. Playing card games helps your child to remember game rules and card numbers.

Mystery bag

Another very amazing trick to find hidden things is the favorite activity of kids. Prepare a mystery bag with kid’s favorite items. Let close your kid’s eyes. Name the item in the bag and ask your child to pick it out from the bag. That thing will be saved in the brain’s long term memory of your child.

Plan surprises

Do you get excited about surprises? What you say all age people get amuse with this activity. Yes, they all enjoy it and freshen up their mind. Do plan a surprise tour to a nearby park or zoo. Visit a restaurant or hotel with your little one. Ask about different things in the hotel or park. By doing this child’s ability to pick new things and remember them became more easy and exciting. Learning with examples helps children to make strong memories.

The brain needs feedback

Kids are topnotch picker of good or bad habits from their childhood. They need praise and the right way to express their findings or feelings. Any activity, positive or negative, remains in the kid’s minds. Action taken by children remains lasts in children’s minds. Try to feed your child’s memory with positive things.

Now it’s time to take quick actions to sharpen up your child’s memory in a positive way. Don’t feed your kids with food only but feed their minds with positivity also.


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