10 Things New Moms Shouldn’t Worry About

A woman enters into a phase of learning, the time she becomes pregnant. Being a new mom is just like a student getting enrolled in a course. She faces new challenges every day and learns how to handle them.

A new mom’s stress is real. A common thought that strikes almost every new mother is, “Maybe I am not taking care of my baby properly.” She consults the doctor, reads blogs, surfs the internet, and studies lots of books for her baby—worried moms research, even better than researchers.

With this blog, I would like to address some new mom concerns that are most common. Here is a list of 10 things that new moms should not worry about along with their justification. So, let’s get dive in:

1. Is my baby is getting enough milk or not?

Every new mum out there worries whether her baby is taking enough milk or not.It may be quite difficult to figure out, especially in the first few weeks. Usually, the baby needs to be breastfed every two hours in the first month.

To make it simple, don’t worry if your baby is full or not. Babies are smarter than you think. Naturally, they would cry to tell their moms when they are hungry. 

2. The baby is not following a schedule.

New moms usually complain about their babies, not following a schedule, and get worried. The fact that needs to be understood is that babies take some time to get used to a routine.

Sleep patterns and milk demand vary considerably, especially during the first month. After the first month, the baby somehow adapts the routine. Things start to get more manageable with this. Let your baby sleep and eat whenever they want. It will make it easier for you.

3. Getting back into pre-pregnancy figure

Frankly speaking, there is a great difference between glamour and real life.

Celebrities seem to lose their extra pregnancy weight quickly. But this may not necessarily be true for everyone. There is a great difference between these two streams.

Getting inspired by someone is great. But getting depressed after something is really not good for a new mother’s health. Be focused on your personal and baby’s health. Start with postpartum exercises and gradually switch on to the strenuous workout. You are going to feel a thousand times better.

4. The baby sneezes quite often.

It is commonly observed that new moms get worried about baby sneezes. Sneezing is a natural process in babies just like us. Scientifically saying, it is good for the baby’s health.

Sneezing in newborns helps clear the tiny nasal passages so that air flows properly. Being a mother, let me tell you, sneezing is a good sign as the baby is adapting to the environment. But do take notice if there are some signs of cold or fever with frequent sneezes.

5. When and how to remove the Umbilical cord stump

The biggest concern that new moms have is about umbilical cord stump. They remain so conscious about it all the time and take great care of it. Instead, there is no need to be panic about it. Just try to keep it clean and dry to avoid infection.

A few days after the birth, the delicate stump begins to dry. In about 12-14 days, it falls off. Here are 2 pro-tips that help you manage to clear the stump:

  • Fold back the diapers at the top to avoid irritating the stump.
  • Sponge bath the baby in the first month.

6. Don’t worry if the baby sleeps too much.

Babies sleep 2X more as compared to the adults. The ideal sleeping time of a baby is 16-18 hours. Therefore, it is normal even if your baby sleeps the whole day long as most of the babies do. In addition, babies wake up in intervals only to feed or to get their diapers changed.

Therefore, new mums should not worry if their baby sleeps too much. Instead, take that time as an opportunity to get other things done.

7. Bonding with the baby

A mother feels more confident when she shares a strong bond with her baby. Mothers wait for 9 months to have the first look of their little friend, the newborn. While they are expecting an ideal relationship, this may not happen right away for every mom.

Being a mother, you can feel how depressing it can be. Trust me; it takes only a few days to get things managed. Cuddling with the baby revitalizes your tired soul. After that, a connection is made even stronger than you think.

8. Afraid to sleep

New moms are so concerned about what if they won’t wake up while the baby cries at night. As a result, more than 70% of new mothers are sleep deprived. You have to take care of your baby all day, and it needs great energy.

Try to go early to bed. Proper rest helps you regain your strength. Researchers prove that babies have such a sharp pitch and can easily awake a person even in the next room. So, get over this fear and don’t compromise on your health if unnecessary.

9. Late Speech Development

New moms start comparing the progress of their young ones with babies of the same age. In case if the progress of their child is not the same, they start getting worried. Delay in a baby’s speech does not mean anything is wrong. It depends upon the picking ability of the child.

Sometimes a child pays more attention and responds to people; they have early speech development. Others have babbling and vocalization but have late speech development. Rather than being worried, mothers should try to help their child in picking up words.

 10. Delays in walking

New mothers worry a lot when their child does not hit a milestone they made. One of the biggest worries is the delay in walking. While some children start walking at an earlier stage, others don’t.

Development progresses at a different pace in children. Some start crawling early. Others skip crawling and directly go walking. Hence, there is no need to be worried about.

End words by the Writer

Motherhood is the greatest gift of nature. Try to live every special moment with your little fellow. Rather than worrying, spend more time playing with the little angel. Be a mother who is caring and confident at the same time.


What do new moms worry about?

New moms worry about almost everything. They gradually become used to things, and after that, the worries fade away.

Is it OK if my child sleeps too much?

Yes, it’s absolutely OK if the child is having too much sleep. Babies normally sleep 16-18 hours, and that’s normal.

Why is my child not walking at 15 months?

Development progresses at a different pace in children. While some children start walking at an earlier stage, others don’t. So there is no need to be worried about it.